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Whether trucks, agricultural vehicles, construction or forestry machines – our consumption reductions are suitable for all types of commercial vehicles and help you to save up to 15% of your fuel costs easily and efficiently.

The engine control unit is responsible for controlling, regulating and monitoring all engine functions of a commercial vehicle. The data stored there, such as for example, the fuel injection, the control of the ignition point or the air volume are read out via the OBD socket or with the help of special devices. The consumption optimization will be individually adapted to the customer’s wishes by our experienced software programmers.

Technically speaking, our software gives your vehicles a torque increase. Not in full load operation, but mainly in the middle and lower speed range, where the power is needed. This means that you have more torque available at less speed, which results in lower consumption. It is important here that there is a reallocation of power and torque.

Depending on the type of vehicle and the area in which your commercial vehicle is used, very different requirement profiles arise. The software is individually tailored to your needs and the corresponding area of application in order to achieve an optimal result. Optimized engine management is not only cost-effective, it also leads to significantly improved driving behavior and fewer emissions.

We take your wishes into account and accompany you through the entire process with our services.

We develop the software optimizations by ourselves on our own modern Maha LPS 3000 truck function and performance test bench for trucks and the mobile PTO shaft dynamometer Hetra W500 for agricultural vehicles.

Every consumption optimization is created individually for you in-house and tailored to your needs. It is important to consider all influences and circumstances and to incorporate this information into the creation of the software. In this way we can offer the best possible efficiency and thus an optimal result. Convince yourself and test an optimization for commercial vehicles from our company.

Do you work just-in-time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? With our on-site service, we will be happy to come to you and optimize your commercial vehicle.

We give you 30 days to optimize your routes and then make a decision. For this period, we offer you a money-back guarantee to eliminate the risk of a bad investment for you.

Over 15 years of professional experience, over 1200 optimized software data statuses per year and many hundreds of thousands of kilometers driven by our customers speak a clear language – trust and experience.

Truck consumption optimization

There exists significant potential for cost savings within your truck or fleet, achievable through truck ECO tuning, which can yield fuel savings of up to 15%. It is increasingly imperative to acknowledge this reality and respond accordingly, given the perpetual rise in costs faced by transport companies. These costs encompass not only fuel expenses but also expenditures on various operational materials, toll extensions, and related factors, rendering operations within this industry progressively challenging.

A truck consumption optimization makes it possible to use your truck more effectively and generate more power in a lower speed range, which leads to a reduction in consumption and thus a saving 2 – 5 liters fuel at 100 km. This applies equally to vans and small trucks, as well as to larger trucks, such as articulated trucks, tank trucks, car transporters or municipal vehicles. A pleasant side effect is the possibility to reduce the consumption of the additive Adblue through our software optimization.

The engine power of many agricultural and agricultural machinery, such as tractors, combine harvesters and forage harvesters is designed for standard applications and for diesel fuel. But this performance is often sufficient at wet clippings or heavy soils. In particular, the performance is insufficient when biodiesel is used. Then a few more horsepower and a higher torque would be very helpful to increase the working speed. But who wants to buy the next larger, significantly more expensive model right away? 

We offer you one by up to 20% increased engine power with simultaneously improved torque curve. By changing the engine control, we achieve an optimization of the air masses and an increase in the engine torque up to 200 Nm. You no longer have to move your engine permanently at its performance limit and thus achieve to an fuel savings of up to 15%. Individual adjustments with the same result are also possible for biodiesel-powered vehicles.

Construction machinery consumption optimization

Our individual software optimizations are also available for construction machinery such as dump trucks, excavators, wheel loaders, caterpillars, rollers, cranes and earth drilling equipment to reduce the fuel consumption by up to 15%. We have already equipped numerous construction machines with our consumption optimization. You too can reduce the operating costs of your construction machinery and gain a real competitive advantage on the next construction site.

Forest machine consumption optimization

Forestry is an important economic factor across Europe. Around 76 million cubic meters of wood are harvested in Germany alone each year. We also offer our ECO software optimizations for forest machines such as harvesters, forwarders, skidders and log tractors. The resulting increased engine torque helps your commercial vehicle to work more effectively in difficult ground conditions. Associated with fuel savings of up to 15%. As a positive side effect, the vehicle’s pollutant emissions are reduced.

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